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Melbourne’s Engine Reconditioning Specialists

Orger is one of Melbourne’s longest-running and most trusted engine reconditioning specialists. For more than 34 years, we have built an outstanding reputation based on leading expertise, the most advanced machinery and superior customer service.

We are dedicated to providing the most reliable quality engine reconditioning service available. With a team of 16 certified staff, state-of-the-art machinery and a growing network of international suppliers, Orger has the professional advice and expert solutions for all your engine needs.

Orger Engines has close relationships with Original Equipment Manufacturers and assists with their warranty engine repairs and reports detail failure analysis.

  • Find out more about the custom engines that Orger know so well
  • Browse through our services to discover the many ways Orger can help you
  • Contact Orger for machining and rebuilding to optimise your engine today

Contact Us

Address: 10 Scoresby Road,
Bayswater, Victoria, 3153
Phone: (03) 9729 9677